Augmented reality apps works with an image (best know as marker - such as a barcode, image or symbol) that basically triggers the interaction with the user in the moment when the user points the marker with the device (phone, tablet etc.) camera. The mobile phone's or tablet camera identifies and interprets the marker.  The software analyses the marker and creates a virtual image overlay on the mobile phone's or tablet screen.

Step 1: Things you will need

  • A Smartphone or Tablet with iOS or Android and Internet Enabled(Wi-Fi)
  • Computer or Laptop (Windows or Mac) Internet Enabled (Wi-Fi)

Step 2: App

  • Download the FREE app from Apple or Google App Store
  • Launch the app on mobile or tablet

Step 3: Scan the marker

  • Once the app has been downloaded, users scan a marker (which can be any print materials like brochures, flyers, adverts, etc) in order to launch the virtual showroom.
  • AR creates emotional connection between the user and the product or printed media. The user can now engage with your brand, product or services by interacting via competitions, website, specials offerings, corporate videos, test drives or any other medium...  the WOW factor!

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