Flexibility is the first criteria when dealing with Augmented reality in Mobile Applications.

So innovative ideas and expertise in using cutting edge technologies is very much required to achieve the quality in Augmented Reality. The Imagine-AR team has enough experience and expertise in augmented reality tools like open source frameworks and also third party applications.

When working with augmented reality and mobile applications, flexibility is key! The design and concept must be conceived with an innovative technology framework that can be adapted to support new technology and applications of that technology. In order to achieve its goals, the enterprise should find and select the best augmented reality service provider; one that is skilled and expert in the use of this cutting-edge technology and the supporting tools, frameworks and solutions required to effectively achieve the AR potential.

Augmented reality (AR) blurs the line between the real and the computer-generated by overlaying 3D digital images, high-resolution video and other information onto real-world content, all in real-time.

Unlike QR codes, which require a black and white barcode to be printed on the package, AR technology uses markerless trackers, which is invisible, so it can be placed on any surface without altering the design of the container. So, rather than printing a large barcode that could potentially seem out of place in regards to the rest of the packaging layout, something as simple as the brand’s logo could function in its place, offering all of the advantages of QR codes without sacrificing the artistic integrity of the package or printed ad.

At its purest, marketing is simply engaging consumers and augmented reality presents unparalleled opportunities in this regard. Augmented reality is a whole new dimension of interaction with your brand, enabling infectious, memorable experiences that form lasting, valuable impressions with the main goal to drive measurable sales.





Getting the right app design is crucial to the success of your mobile application. It has to have the right look and feel from the moment your customers download it. Here at Imagine-AR we help create a application design that is both appealing and functional - and a suitable extension of your brand.

Often, the first question which gets asked is What can a smart-phone app help me achieve?

The benefits from investing in smart-phone apps can be following:

• Attract new customers 
• Improve Customer Service 
• Create a new revenue opportunity from existing customers 
• Create a marketplace for your customers to buy within the  smart-phone app itself.
• Extend the brand experience to smart-phones. 

Imagine-AR creates successful applications by combining our understanding of the complete smart-phone ecosystem, industry knowledge and technical expertise in different platforms. We guide our customers in the entire process from conceptualising the application, technology and platform choice, design, development, testing and Application Marketing.

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